About Us

SlipJacket brings a refreshing mix of music from generations past and present.
Get ready for a classic rock ride of your life. 

If you have never seen them live, you are truly missing some serious fun.
To watch them perform classic hits with 3 and 4 part harmonies is something to behold.

Miss the harp? Steve Joffe brings it to life.. Talk about a dude with a gift.
The guy just can’t stop. Not to mention his ripping guitar solos on auto pilot.

Danny Flores? Forget about it. The guy can cover anything from Elvis Costello to Cat Stevens
to Michael Hutchence. SOLID…like a rock.

Craig Ott? You “Ott” to see him go. This former drummer puts in the guitar riffs right
from the original record. If you close your eyes, you may think to yourself, “Was I just
listening to the original vinyl?”

Gary Z? You be the judge…… he loves to entertain. Lead vocals. Backing vocals.
He is still waiting for the other guys to let him do a circa 1978 drum solo.
Oh well, if your are lucky enough to get that, write it down, it won’t be repeated.

SlipJacket. The band. The musical experience. It’s all about the music.
And all about entertaining you.


SlipJacket is available for but not limited to the following events:

• Private Parties
• Clubs
• Weddings
• Proms
• Anniversaries
• Bachelor Parties
• Community Events
• Corporate Functions
• Class Reunions
• Fraternity Functions
• Fund Raisers
• Fraternity Functions